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The Team

We are a boutique software development company, with core values of creativity, respect and fun. We attempt to show that in our products and whenever dealing with our clients, too 🙂

Our core team consists of Thomas Brand (founder, principal software engineer), Alvir Timbang (graphic artist), Maiden Miquiabas (web engineer) and James Rheine (ideas man and customer support).

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Math Rider founder Thomas Brand

(A Brief) History of MathRider

MathRider was created by Thomas Brand, founder and managing director of Sharper Edge International Pty Ltd in Australia.

He originally wanted to buy a computer game that would help his two children master the times tables. After trying and buying a few, he found none of them really worked and his kids didn’t like any of them, either.

Then one day while taking a shower, Thomas had the idea of Math Rider. Where the player would simply have to use their math skills and not dexterity to succeed. Also there would be no concept of fighting or the pressures of competing against other players.

With his background of enterprise-level software engineering, Thomas went to work and created the first prototype of MathRider in late 2013.

He also enlisted the help of his children in creating some of the voice-overs in the storylines and the graphical illustrations.

The result was a labour of love (and too many long days and nights working at the computer).

While Thomas is still the principal developer and creative force behind MathRider, the version you see today is the result of more than 10 people working on the software at various times. Without their talent and dedication, Math Rider wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun and pleasant to use.

We also want to thank all the people who tried and/or purchased the game and gave us feedback. Without your generous suggestions, we would not have been able to update and enhance our game this much! Thank you!

Lastly, from all our developers, graphic artists, narrators, musicians, illustrators and testers, thank you for considering our game!

current Math Rider illustrationmath game illustration

The MathRider software and all associated copyright is wholly owned by Sharper Edge International Pty Ltd, Australia. Elements of the product are patent pending.