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3rd Grade Math Games. 4th Grade Math Games

Nowadays, it’s no surprise that public schools are overcrowded, class sizes are growing and one-on-one learning time is becoming more and more scarce. This can be quite scary for school age kids in 3rd and 4th grade who are tasked with new math challenges such as multiplication and fractions. These operations can sometimes cause confusion and frustration and are considered the most challenging fundamental math lessons.

It’s true that practice makes perfect, but if your child has a hard time grasping what is being taught in the classroom, additional measures must be taken before they are left behind while the rest of the class progresses. Private in-home tutors and private education are pricy alternatives that can give you the one-on-one time you crave, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to having a mini math genius. Kids have to be engaged in the method of teaching, so that they’ll actually want to participate and learn the material.

MathRider is one of the most renowned 3rd grade math games on the market. The program includes 3rd grade and 4th grade math games that help children sharpen their skill set and improve in areas that may have been weak. Parents who’ve tried this math game for their children have seen almost immediate improvements – oftentimes as quickly as days. This is due to the fact that the game focuses on helping children master each of the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) by creating a comprehensive and immersive learning environment that puts kids in control and helps them create their own experience. Each player plays and works at their own pace in order to complete quests, upon which point, they are awarded with fun graphics that eventually unlock their master mission. The game puts kids in a position to keep seeing their score improve and allows up to 8 individual players on the same computer.

Available on Windows, Mac and Linux, MathRider is a fun fearless way for kids to master the subject of mathematics. Try it for free for 7 days.

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Interactive 3rd Grade Math Games.  Fun 4th Grade Math Games

Fun 3rd grade, 4th Grade Math Games

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Interactive Fun 3rd Grade Math Games.  Fun 4th Grade Math Games