Motivating Kids with Math Games

Interactive Math Games For Kids

Ask most 2nd, 3rd or 4th grader what their favorite subject is and you’ll probably get answers like “P.E.” and “Art”. That’s because those subjects are fun. But now, you can add math to that list. Traditionally math has been taught using a number of redundant tactics such as flashcards and workbooks. But in a digital age, kids are now more tech savvy than ever, using smartphone apps and video games like it’s second nature. MathRider is one of the most effective interactive math games for kids on the market today. Whereas some math games simulate video game-esque qualities like violence, MathRider keeps kids focused on the educational task at hand, providing motivational learning techniques that make kids actually want to keep playing.

Imagine a math game where kids can uncover unique virtual rewards for mastering the tasks of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Multiple players ( maximum 8 ) can individually take part in math quests where they learn at their own pace, based on grade level, ability and typing speed. There’s never any pressure or fear of failing. Instead, MathRider varies game speed and question difficulty to help to build confidence. The game includes a many progress indicators that show kids, parents and educators game status and learning progress. A colorful grid easily identifies areas which have been mastered, versus those that may need more attention. The game also includes helpful hints and easy web-based help for kids and parents.

For less than the cost of one tutoring section, MathRider pays for itself and best of all, it works quickly and effectively to arm students with the math tools that they need to succeed during the academic year and beyond. MathRider is one-time fee, so there’s no subscription required, plus the software comes with free upgrades that continue to improve and build out the game. Try our interactive math game before you buy.

Interactive Math Games are Fun and Functional
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Motivating Kids with Math Games

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