Solving The Age-Old Math Problem With Multiplication Games

Fun Multiplication Games

It’s almost funny to think that the same basic problem that faced our generation and our parents’ generation—and generations before that, too—is often the same basic problem that faces our kids today: the lack of a good base of knowledge in multiplication facts.

It might seem that by now educators might have solved this problem, but kids today struggle with mastering multiplication facts just the same as the generations that went before them. What is fortunate for today’s kids, though, is that they have better-than-ever access to multiplication games to ease the pain of learning and build that foundation stronger than ever.

Times Table Games: Learning Without Even Knowing It

The key to mastering multiplication, or “times tables” as they have come to be known, is really just repetition. Anyone who has done it (or even tried but not succeeded) is aware of that.  The problem is, repetition is boring!

If you could somehow get that repetition into the equation in a way that is fun, in a way that doesn’t feel like work, kids would not balk at learning their multiplication facts and building that essential foundation. Times table games cut the repetition and teach in a way that is fun. Kids end up learning almost by accident, with just a hint of awareness that they are being “taught”, all the while getting that necessary repetition and mastery that they need to succeed.

Math Games That Are Fun?

Math games that are fun—yes, they exist.  These are not the multiplication games of our day which were basically flash-cards-on-a-screen. These are games that are interactive, that have a goal and a challenge, and that take kids on an adventure as they learn…not entirely unlike the video games they clamber for. Math Rider is a fun multiplication game that also tailors to each user’s need and ability, increasing difficulty in a manageable, not frustrating, way.  It also has a number of features for parents and a tracking system that allows children and parents to track their progress and identify areas of success or further need.

When you have the right tools for the right job, reaching your goal is easy.  Math Rider is such a tool for kids and parents struggling with mastery of multiplication tables.  This is a game that kids enjoy playing—actually ask to play—and that parents can feel good about them playing; a game that lets kids be kids and learn at the same time, too.

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