Justin Bieber As A Parenting Aid?

Justin Bieber as a parenting aidWith all of Justin Bieber’s not-too entertaining antics hogging the headlines lately, the above headline actually borders on the absurd. However, an article written by Susan Newman, Ph.D for Psychology Today says parents can actually use Bieber and other badly-behaving celebrities to their advantage.

Discuss unacceptable behaviour with your child

It’s probably safe to assume that your child is a fan of, or at least has heard of Justin Bieber. He is, after all, one of the biggest celebrities on the planet today. Now if you’re worried that Bieber’s behaviour would be a bad influence on your child, you can actually turn that around and use it as a parenting aid.

According to Dr. Newman, the antics of Bieber et. al. presents you a chance to discuss unacceptable behaviour with your child, as well as an opportunity to assert your values and expectations, all without sounding preachy and annoying like many parents do.

When talking to your child about Bieber and other people they look up to, Dr. Newman offers four tips.

To start the discussion, show your child news reports of one of their heroes either doing something positive or negative, depending on the point you want to make. After your child is through reading the report, ask him or her what he or she thinks about the situation. For always, your child should be leading the discussion, not you. If there’s one thing you should never do, it’s to attack and judge whatever your child’s opinion about the situation would be. If you have certain points to make, make them clear in a calm manner and give them objective information that they need.

This, to me is great advice. My daughter is a Justin Bieber fan herself, so I might just try this one on for size.

Click here to read the article in full.

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