“How to have your child quickly excel in their number tables while playing a fun math game”

Have you got children in elementary or primary school? Would you like them to improve their math abilities and speed with a fun math game? How would mastering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division transform your child’s confidence and experience of school?

Practice Makes Perfect

We all know that the key to mastery in anything is loads of practice. Think of roller blading or public speaking. Can you seriously expect to be an expert in either without a great deal of practice? Absolutely not! The same with maths. But what if you don’t have a super-motivated child that just loves to work through hours and hours of math worksheets?

That is the situation we were facing with our own children. They understood the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and/or division. But they did not want to practice! So we looked around the shops and internet, and bought a few fun math games (or so we thought). The games turned out to be warmly received initially, but soon various drawbacks became apparent:

  1. The kids only played them for a few minutes and then got bored.
  2. The games did not provide the kids with an incentive to keep playing.
  3. When the kids finished playing, neither the kids nor we as parents really knew whether they did really well or poorly, and how much more practice would be required for them to master, say their times tables.

We also tried free games for variety. There are a few interesting ones around, but the fundamental drawback with the on-line math games is that they have rather dull graphics and effects, and no idea about your child’s skill level. Again, they cannot help you work out when the operation has been mastered.

Having failed to find or buy a nice math game that covered what we wanted, we decided to write our own.

MathsRider Is An Intelligent, Interactive Math Game

MathsRider constantly measures how your child is doing, and adapts game speed, question difficulty, repetition of questions and the introduction of new questions accordingly.

In this way it takes your child on the fastest path to mastering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It rewards improving one’s performance, and provides major rewards for the completion of quests.

We found the combination of intelligent, adaptive software with child-friendly stories/quests and cool, animated rewards worked beyond our own expectations. The kids loved it!

And MathsRider is pure math practice! All your child does is answer math questions – there is no fiddling with jump, shoot, dodge, power-up and other buttons! In our experience, non-math related game-play issues are the causes of major frustration – imagine your child is somewhat struggling with math already, and then they spend (in vain) ten minutes trying to have their character jump across the obstacle in front of them. They will not play that game for long!

That is the reason, we kept the controls so dead-simple in our math game. Know the answer and you win – that’s it! The game reacts to each and every answer, so that there is plenty of entertainment and interactivity to keep your child stimulated and engaged

Give it a try!

Know Exactly Where Your Child Is At

The software uses extensive statistics and makes these easily visible for parents and their children. This way, you will always know where your child is at. For example, we found out that our daughter needed some help with subtracting nine, while most other numbers were quite under control. So we sat down with her and talked her through, among other things utilizing the visualization available in the game.

The Game Supports Multiple Users

The MathsRider game allows more than one child to play the game. Every person creates their own rider, and the game tracks each rider’s progress and unique practice results individually. Via a simple login screen, each child logs in to their own game environment.

Help Your Child Master Their Math Fast

We have witnessed many children doubling their speed in answering math questions within days of playing MathsRider.

Imagine your child coming home from school and proudly telling you that they won a prize in class today for being the best in math!

Of course, it is secondary whether your child wins prizes or not. What’s crucial is that everyone needs to master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and MathsRider will help your child achieve exactly that.

Instant Download – Have Fun Practicing Math within Minutes

MathsRider is supported on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and all recent hardware. Full requirements here.
Once you have gone through our secure and straightforward checkout process, you will immediately get your unique download link and access key.
Within a few minutes you will have MathsRider ready to go on your system.

 Math Fact Games = Fun for Kids
Motivating Kids with Math Games

“Our 365 (!) Day Guarantee”


We are never satisfied unless you are completely satisfied. So here’s our simple “No Small Print” guarantee. Try MathsRider today and put it through the wringer.
Use it as many times as you’d like for a full 12 months.

You be the judge. If this program doesn’t deliver everything we promised, or if you’re unhappy with it for any reason, just return it and we will immediately refund you your purchase price in full.

We have no problem making this iron-clad guarantee because we have personally seen how children benefit from the game and subsequently absolutely blitz through their number tables. Fair enough?




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